Our sensors help you challenge business perceptions of how they use space.

INOVU sensors have been developed to specifically target occupancy measurement within the workplace environment. They are battery powered (3xAAA batteries - life up to 3 years) making the installation very straight forward. Data from the sensor is transferred via a radio signal which avoids the normal Wi-Fi signal bands and does not take the organisations valuable bandwidth.

  • Occupancy Sensor

    The occupancy sensor identifies the utilisation of a workplace position through movement and thermal measurement. In an office environment, this sensor would be placed at any location occupied by a person. For instance under the desk, at a team table or reception desk etc. The sensor continually monitors the occupation of the space.
    The data gained provides fact-based proof of occupancy over long periods of time.

  • Movement Sensor (PIR)

    The movement (PIR) sensor captures the movement of people within a meeting room or breakout area. This sensor is triggered when people come into the space and also when people move within the area. The sensor provides confirmation that the space is in use, it does not provide a level of occupancy or count of people in the space.

  • Environment Sensor

    INOVU offer two environment sensors CO2 (with temp/humidity) with a range of 0ppm to 5,000ppm and Noise (with temp/humidity) providing a range of 40dB to 100dB. Both sensors are battery powered.

  • People Counter

    INOVU use a third party people counter for high volumes of counting into conference facilities or to provide an overall count of people into a floor or building. These sensors are thermal cameras and require PoE cable connections.